Stars At The Marion Schools

As Marion schools, we believe that all human being are created in God’s image and likeness and we always aspire to see every child as God does. In the recent past Marion schools have embraced inclusive education that is, embracing learners who are differently abled and showering them with the love of God. In our campuses we refer to these learners as stars. We have an SNE resource center where these learners are helped daily. The resource center has qualified staff who take these stars through different kinds of therapy. The learners however are admitted into the normal classes with regular learners and learn together with the regular learners and only visit the resource center when it is their turn within the day.

We handle learners with cases ranging from autism spectrum to down syndrome, ADHD among many more. We however don’t handle profound cases, but advice parents accordingly when they seek our services.

By embracing inclusive education, all our staff have regular capacity building on emerging trends and new approaches to handle these differently abled learners. Many teachers have also opted to go through special needs education course.

We are also privileged to have teachers with special needs who are doing wonderful job in Marion schools. We have Teacher Tobias (who is deaf) who take learners through sign language and Mwalimu Kibugi (who is blind) taking learners through Kiswahili in early years and middle school.


The following are some of the benefits we have noted so far

  • When the stars mixing and interacting with the regular learners, it is a special therapy. Some who come without speech gain speech, some having problem with their muscles practice to walk better and even grasp the learning tools.
  • Both the stars and their parents increase their social network and support systems. In the Marion schools, when a parent with a star joins, they are helped to join other parents with the stars and here they share much and are even linked to professional help and other opportunities.
  • The regular learners embrace and support the stars with a lot of respect. The stars also learn to live with the regular learners within the Marion community and also offer love and respect in retrospect.
  • There is an increased safety by reducing isolation, access to wider range of schools resources and greater moment of shared learning opportunities.
  • Teachers also get an opportunity to serve and be taught by these learners lessons like patience, tolerance and love.
  • Lastly these stars attain grater milestones in their learning in all the four domains.