About Marion schools

Guided by our motto,’Inspired by God for Excellence, Marion Schools (both the Marion Preparatory & Senior School-Nairobi county & the Marion FarmHouse-Kiambu county)offer a rich wholesome and balanced curriculum in the four domains of life: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Intellectual.

We have fully embraced the new competency-based curriculum.

Presently, our bold staff is continuously working towards being a CBC hub that ensures our beautiful learners are competent and value-led to excel in the 21st century. We are an inclusive community for Special Needs Education (SNE) learners and differently abled staff.

For information and admissions in to any of our campuses, visit us physically in our two campuses and virtually on our official YouTube channel and our official Facebook page.

Marion Schools

Marion Preparatory School started as a nursery school in 1983 with a population of 3 students. The idea of starting a school initially came when Founding Directors’ children started going to school.

He wanted them to have good education and though there were public schools, they wanted a better school for their children.

Marion Farmhouse International School is a Co-educational Boarding Primary School in Kenya based on the scout’s lifestyle, the only school of its kind in the country.

The scouts get quality education and enriching Christian life experiences in a homely farm environment. Scouting is life: The rest are just details.


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