About us

Marion Schools – from a bedsitter to a group of schools.

In 1983, the country was recovering from the adverse effects of the previous year’s attempted mutiny. At the same time, the concept of academies was gaining traction. It was largely perceived that only the rich could afford to send their kids to private schools.

In January 1983, our Spiritual Director, Rev. Hannah Mbugua and her late husband, His Worship Mayor Samuel Mbugua were burning with a desire to start a school in Kahawa West. Having educated their children in well up top private schools, the founders felt they needed to give the Eastland people ‘the Riara Experience’ by starting a school with the same Riara Standard. Marion Schools founders – Mr. and Mrs. Hannah Mbugua – wanted to gift the larger Eastland city residents a private school they could easily afford.

Armed with that vision, they took their first step of faith. When Marion Schools opened her doors in January 1983, her first baby, Patrick Mwenda reported. Mwenda stayed alone the whole week until he was joined by three other babies the following week. The seed sprouted gradually and by the end of the term the population was 30.

The early days were characterized with many challenges but the founders kept on with their journey of faith. With determination and faith, the director together with two pioneer employees doubled up as cleaners, admins, teachers and drivers trail blazed and overcome myriad obstacles.

Marion Schools pioneered school track suits which have now become part and parcel of most private schools.

Marion Schools became academic giants – twice (1998 and 2010) the schools produced the top KCPE candidates in the county and nationally.

In 2000 the Marion Schools opened her Kiambu Campus – the Marion Farmhouse School which prides itself as a scouting school.

From N1-5 bedsitter (as the City Council court was then known, Marion School has grown in bounds and bounty. Today the school boosts of two campuses in two counties.