About us

Guided by our motto,’Inspired by God for Excellence, Marion Schools (both the Marion Preparatory & Senior School-Nairobi county & the Marion FarmHouse-Kiambu county)offer a rich wholesome and balanced curriculum in the four domains of life: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Intellectual.

We have fully embraced the new competency-based curriculum as we also seek to finish strong in our last three 8:4:4 classes.

Presently, our bold staff is continuously working towards being a CBC hub that ensures our beautiful learners are competent and value-led to excel in the 21st century. We are an inclusive community for Special Needs Education (SNE) learners and differently abled staff.

We are planning and looking forward to pioneering the CBC Junior Secondary School.

For information and admissions in to any of our campuses, visit us physically in our two campuses and virtually on our official YouTube channel and our official Facebook page. Reach us on 0722575887, 0735575887, 0777706034, 0722655698 & 0777706017

Our Mission

ACKNOWLEDGING that the learner is the most critical worker in the school; BELIEVING that learning is an on-going, all encompassing process for the Parents, students and staff, WE are committed to creating a conducive environment that will enlist, equip and empower all persons in the Marion Community to tap into their God given potential and to perform at peak performance in all areas of their lives, specifically as Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical human beings.

Mission Statement

Understanding, Expounding, Communicating US!

Distinctive Values

We value:
Dependence on God
Personal Development
Servant Leadership

Our Vision

To be the schools of first choice for parents, students and staff.

Clarion Call

“Whoever we are; whatever we do; Excellence!”
KEYWORD :Balance
OUTSTANDING QUALITIES; Blessed - Parents, Balanced - Curriculum, Bold - Staff, Beautiful - Children