The Marion Schools (Marion Preparatory School and The Marion Farm House School) are a hospitable place where learners love to be. Our meals are prepared in a modern kitchen manned by qualified and certified cooks under very hygienic conditions. We are careful to ensure that the meals served are always delicious and of a balanced diet every time. Our borders must have a fruit with their morning tea.

The protein include Eggs, Brawn, Sausage and Smokies. Lunch for all (Learners and Staff) alternate between Chapati and Rice. These are served with either Beef stew, Green Grams or Beans. The stew is always enriched with veggies to give taste as well as requisite nutrients for healthy development of the body.
The veggies include Tomatoes, Carrots, Capsicum (hoho) and Courgettes, Spinach, Kales, Green peas always fried with lots of onions and cholesterol free liquid oil.